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Qamar Perfumes was set up in 2005 in the UAE as an ode to our Middle Eastern and Indian heritage. Our sole purpose is to develop bespoke perfume and cosmetics at affordable prices that when applied, will catch the attention of your family, friends and colleagues.

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Our Product Categories

Qamar is committed to providing a variety of quality merchandise for the people. By using the best quality of essential oils and aromatic compounds, our goal is to have the best products in the industry. Explore our Product Categories, and get in touch to order or learn more.

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Our Signature Perfume


We developed Maryam, as an ode to the mother of Hazrat Isa (عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ).  Launched in 2008, it is among our best-selling fragrances, striking a chord with international consumers in the U.S.A and the U.K. An exotic, rich some might say spiritual concoction of Oudh and Amber, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on those you pass by. 


Our attars are developed in-house and represent the full diversity of the fragrance wheel*. Our White Rose, is an ode to the flower, to love, beauty and simplicity and is a perfect blend of floral and oriental notes. 

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Bakhoor Oud Mumtaz - Our Bestseller.

Bakhoors are an integral part of our households and have long been part of Middle Eastern and Indian culture. We take that very seriously in our development of unique bakhoors and how they will diffuse once burned. 


Body Lotions

CocoBumBum - Our Bestseller.

Our perfumed body lotions contain Vitamin E and Almond Oil, both of which help to nourish and moisturize the skin. The light, silky texture leaves the skin soft and perfumed.

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